Second Story Prints - About Us

A photochrom picture of a fancy hotel behind scenic Lake Como, Italy


Second Story Prints exists as an outlet for a passion of mine: exploring the web for obscure images, and bringing them to life through digital restoration and printing. My hope is to share the joy of exploring vast image collections. Every image here has a "Buy" button right next to it, allowing you to make a print of what you've found and put it on your wall or share it as a gift. Even if you leave without purchasing anything, though, I hope you poke around and feel the joy of exploration!

I've been a full-time professional photographer since 2004, which grew my appreciation for old photographs and the skill involved in capturing them. I also love history and combing through the old photos, especially the Photochrom Collectionis a dream-like experience for me. To see in color how people over 100 years ago walked, worked, sailed, dressed, and lived is downright magical!

My passion and skill for photography instilled in me a sense of value for high quality prints. If you purchase anything from Second Story Prints, you can be assured the product is of the highest quality! Heavy weight paper, carefully controlled color environments, and 100% professional processes and materials are what you can expect when you order from us.